Medialoc. Software for Cinema.

We are a team of professionals creating solutions for cinema and filmfestivals

About Us

Medialoc is a joint venture by Indyvideo and Marteco. Together we provide software and digital logistics to festivals and cinemas worldwide. Medialoc combines many years experience working for the biggest festivals and artist with highly skilled software development for the most demanding environments.

Indyvideo has many years experience providing technical services to the Dutch international film festivals and museums exhibiting video art.

  • 15+ years experience screening and handling film
  • Experienced cinema designers
  • Connects with the artist

Marteco is a software company providing services to media companies, art projects and financial institutions

  • Developing highly secure software
  • Managing large development projects
  • API specialists

Products and Services

Medialoc has two platforms on which to build enterprise and SaaS services. Filmfetch and Medialoc.Sync. Filmfetch is the preferred delivery and plaform for digital cinema in the Dutch filmfestival landscape, Medialoc.Sync is a new platform providing intelligent connectivity, communications and streaming for screenings and conferences.


Intelligent Digital Cinema Logistics


Complete online filmfestival experience, on your own terms

Custom Projects

Medialoc develops custom media related software

Contact us if you want to know more

If you are looking to bring your filmfestival online, want to know more about how we can help make your screenings better by providing intelligent film traffic. Or if you have another project you would like our input on.

Fast implementations

We know the pressure of the festival world. We can work in your rythm


We believe machine to machine communications are the core of a reliable product. We have years experience building complex APIs for any purpose.

Intelligent Media Handling

We know what a high quality screening should look like, so we know what to look for when handling media files


Handling precious film and media is our business, security is our top priority

What we have achieved so far

Filmfetch has checked and transported film from all over the world to many international film festivals.








Hard Workers


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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