Hello, we are Medialoc

Your strategic and knowledge partner for media management in the cultural sector. From digital film logistics to streaming and projection, from strategy and concept to technical implementation and roll-out, we support and take care of every step of the way.

Medialoc helps exhibitors, sales agents, distributors, galleries, artists and filmmakers collect, store, manage and screen/project video and films. We provide services in the field of online and offline film and video with a clear focus on media management. Our services can be divided into 3 facets:

Digital logistics
(upload and download)

Storage, management and handling

Playback and projection

Medialoc guides its customers in terms of content and production and provides support for the entire process, from digital logistics to (on- and offline) projection. For this, we use our own software and automation solutions that we have had developed specifically for this purpose, but we link up just as easily with your existing solutions.

  • Transfer service (upload and download)
  • File management
  • Storage and archiving

  • Transcoding
  • Repair service

  • MediaContainer (embedded player on your own website)
  • OSP (offline player for streaming files)

  • Quality control
  • Analysis of usage and display

Medialoc’s story in a glance:

In 2017, we introduced Filmfetch, a tool for the digital logistics of films. A sustainable and efficient alternative to sending physical carriers. This tool was developed especially for (film) festivals and filmmakers.

2020 meant an acceleration in development with the request from the 4 major film festivals in the Netherlands for a solution to allow the festivals to continue during the covid-pandemic. In consultation with the festivals and led by Medialoc, the MediaContainer was developed, an application that allows a festival or event to be brought online on its own website or platform.

In 2022, we added the ability to play streaming files offline, secured and encrypted. With this, we offer venues with an unstable internet connection and without a DCP player the possibility to show films in a safe and reliable way.

In 2023, we will go one step further with the introduction of the Medialoc Media Warehouse, combining and enriching our existing tooling and solutions into one central collection point that is always accessible and stating the status of all files at all times. One overview for the client in terms of media files and metadata, where files can easily be delivered to the places where they need to be shown and stored for the long term.

Medialoc employs committed and dedicated people with great product knowledge. We have a clear focus on media management, offering solutions through smart automation and software. Our roots are in the festival and culture sector and we want to offer a solution that is accessible to everyone and can be used by everyone. This is why we enter into strategic linked partnerships to keep costs low and share experience and development.

Medialoc grew out of a partnership between Indyvideo, an independent AV consultant and project manager, and Marteco, a software developer with roots in developing web applications for the financial sector. Indyvideo provides services in film, video, automation and electronic media. Marteco works for a large number of banks and other companies in the financial sector. We keep an overview of the entire process and offer smart solutions for all your media management needs.

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